I, Madeleine Elliott Wøbbe, M.Elliott.W is a single mother, happy family, of three amazing birth children and a happy

family dog Archie Jr, male Pomeranian. The Executive CEO, founder, Solid Owner of A. VISIONARY STUDIO since

the year 2002 in July, within the fields and knowledge as Industrial Designer, Furniture Designer, Creative Director, Architect, Fashion Designer, Brand Strategist, Hotel developer, Hotel Concept Designer, Singer, Songwriter Composer within The genre Cinematic, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Classic music.


When I was a university student at The university in Copenhagen at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, and at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, was my best, most highest dream to be part of a 

design company that naturally lead to become an Industrial designer working together with the United States Government NASA, mobile phone companies and International furniture manufactures, and to be part of furniture design, or be the furniture designer, to be lucky enough to be exhibited at The Salone del Mobile Milan, Italy.


All my own design goals was reached within less than 2 years after my two degrees, master's degree and bachelor's degree.
I was part of  Industrial design and concept design of mobile phones of next generation, 10 - 15 years ahead of that specific time. And I was part of furniture design that was exhibited at The Salone del Mobile Milano, Italy, International furniture fair in Tokyo, and The one of the Swedish style exhibitions in Tokyo. I was beside my own best, highest dreams selected to be part of Sony Ericsson's own exclusive innovation group beside my employment as furniture-, Industrial designer and project leader.

I am very happy that more than all my own university student dreams became reality, together with all the happy great memories, and other colleges and companies I have so far meet.




Why I left my career as Industrial Designer to became Executive CEO, founder, solid owner of

A.VISIONARY STUDIO and to be Executive Creative Director Designer Architect fashion designer, singer songwriter composer in my own company A. VISIONARY STUDIO and in the name as i am JOY Mob, Hotel developer, Hotel concept Designer, Brand strategist, and as Executive CEO, founder, solid owner of my own Hotel, named Rough Diamond Experience Hotel in relation to one of the most good best locations in New York, at a good great successful national and international level.


It was during one of many work travels, to Tokyo, Japan to be part of the exhibition Swedish Style, led by Ewa Kumlin and supported by The Embassy of Sweden in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan, The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UD, The Swedish Ministry of Culture in Sweden, SI. Swedish Institute and The Crown Princess Victoria, as a representative from The Swedish Royal Family. I was asked to be the Art curator of The national and internationally renowned, awarded, fashion photographer Mikael Jansson and Stockholm New magazine's Art collaboration, at The Mori Tower a 54-story mixed-use skyscraper in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. An amazing skyscraper, and my first experience of a 54 floors tall building.


It was the photo art works, combination of beautiful colors, the models' emotional expressions, and the shapes within the pictures, the conceptual thinking, that made me inspired enough to take a " leap of faith " change my work career, because I could sense there was a gap in the Hotel Industry where I could express myself as designer in a good, great, awesome, positive way, by creating emotional, functional concept design and in combination with my own design levels knowledge. From small family owned hotels to large scale Hotels in skyscrapers. By adding, my own design knowledge, talents, emotional expressions, atmosphere, sound, design expression, and my minds ability to find good great successful syncs equal flows of revenues no matter matter of the size of assignment on a good great awesome national and international level.


Based on my, M.Elliott.W own believes in goodness, greatness, awesomeness, Down to Earth mature values, Luxurious great qualities, Good and Great Realness, Love, Care, unaffected Joy, natural Playfulness, a good great amazing future, kindness, good healthy worthy wealth, all together as good great success results.