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Part of a collaboration with No Picnic Industrial Design, the Swedish Chef National Team and NASA International Space Station ( ISS ) - Fridge, freezer, food containers. 

Part of collaboration with No Picnic Industrial Design, Stockholm.High-end Industrial Design project to create freezer, fridge, and food boxes for The International Space Station ( ISS ) NASA. The food boxes was designed in collaboration with The Swedish Chefs National Team ( Svenska kocklandslaget ). Each ISS astronaut got their own menu, food boxes, based on their favorite flavors. The challenge was to make the food taste as much in Space as on earth. The weightlessness in space outside the stratospher makes the ability to taste the food flavour - experienceat in a different way than on Earth. You have probably felt the difference of how food tastes when you go by airplane. 

Part of collaboration together with, Design Hotels™ and The founder Ceo Claus Sendlinger and his Team as Thie designer to create conceptual furniture design and interior experience

A. VISIONARY STUDIO M.Elliott.W Executive Head of Design, creative director at Lydmar Hotel Humlegården. Hotel rooms, Reception, one-off designed furniture, lamps, carpet manufactured by Kasthall, Art a large acryl wall painting in the main restaurant " Matsalen " 

The Hotel rooms at Lydmar Hotel were given their own design concept by M.Elliott.W Executive Head of Design, creative director at A.VISIONARY STUDIO. One of the Hotel rooms was all colored - White, given mirrors from floor to ceiling by the windows to reflect the daylight, to give the room an even brighter sophisticated, and dynamic atmosphere. The mirrors were placed on both sides of the bead to make multiple reflections of the guests. Exclusively designed furniture was designed for every single hotel room in collaboration with leading furniture and carpet manufacturers in Sweden. Like Sofas, extra-large footstools, desks, wardrobes, table lamp shades, ceiling lampshades, etc... A beautiful wool carpet was designed in collaboration with the well-known Swedish carpet company Kasthall. The restaurant "Matsalen" is well known for its Art exhibitions by world-leading known Artists. After every Art exhibition, it was renovated to give space to a new Artist to share Art. During the Stockholm Film festival, the large acryl painting by M.Elliott.W A. VISIONARY STUDIO was noticed by the world-famous film creator and actor David Lynch. He loved the wall painting so much that he decided to be portrayed next to it during his interviews at the Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm. The New York Times, Melanie Rehak wrote in The New York Times, "Lydmar Hotel is recommended for lodging in Stockholm,  A city of Islands enjoys riding the waves".  

M.Elliott.W is the creator of the brand value foundation of the Swedish company Ride Cake and their first launched product, the electrical bike KALK, that became awarded, featured, and noticed by the Music artist Pharrell Williams N.E.R.D posted on Instagram and Twitter, and became the new story " The Yellow KALK " by Pharrell Willimas, - " The design team might not like a yellow KALK but I would love to have one." 

Pharrell Yellow

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