What We Offer 

Since 2000 we have been part of success stories around the world, Stockholm, 

London, Copenhagen, Stavanger, Helsinki, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Marrakech, Madrid,

Casablanca, Tbilisi, Berlin, Augsburg, Milano, New York ..

We are looking forward to collaborate with you!





"We have a clear vision of the future - a better world. A next level and beyond experience — intelligent, connected, loving, kind, humble, healthy, joyful, down to earth, wealthy. "



                                                        Madeleine Elliott                                                                                            Founder, Creative Director 






We Offer 

Creative Direction 

Industrial Design 


Product / Furniture Design 

Art Direction 

Fashion Design 

Accessory Design 

Interior Design 

Graphic Design 

Overall Hotel / Restaurant Design

Hotel Brand Development 

Hotel Service Development 

Brand concept Development 

Sports & Luxury Goods Design 

Music Composing 

Music Tech Science Innovation  


Property Development 

Exhibition Curation 

Exhibition Concept Design 

Video Editing

Content Design 

Innovation within 

- Property 

- Luxury Apartments 

- Hotel 

- Restaurant

- Sports, Urban, Luxury Goods 

- Tech 

- Music 

- Emotional Experiences 

- Food 

- Visionary thinking