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Yours Sincerely


Madeleine Elliott Creative Director A. Visionary Studio  

A. VISIONARY STUDIO in close collaboration with No Picnic Industrial Design, the Swedish Chef National Team and NASA International Space Station ( ISS ) - Fridge, freezer, food containers. 

In collaboration with No Picnic Industrial Design, Stockholm, A. VISIONARY STUDIO, Madeleine Elliott, was part of the high-end Industrial Design project to create freezer, fridge, and food boxes for The International Space Station ( ISS ) NASA. The food boxes was designed in collaboration with The Swedish Chef National Team ( Svenska kocklandslaget ). Each ISS astronaut got their own menu, food boxes, based on their favorite flavors. The challenge was to make the food taste the same as on earth as weightlessness at the ISS station affected the flavor.

During an international design exhibition in Tokyo Japan, Madeleine Elliott was live interviewed by The TV company ANN, Asahi News Network about the ISS Design project and collaboration with the Swedish hef National Team. 

A. VISIONARY STUDIO in close collaboration with Design Hotels™ founder, CEO Claus Sendlinger and his team - Concept design of a furniture collection, carpet, armchair, footstool, table, ceiling lamp. 

A design concept was created based on A. VISIONARY STUDIOS knowledge within new materials, innovation, co-injection manufacturing, industrial design, tech, and furniture design.

With a goal to create a clear whole experience function - A patterned silk carpet, armchair, 

footstool, small side table, ceiling lamp

A. VISIONARY STUDIO in close collaboration with Lydmar Hotel and the founder, owner Per Lydmar - Concept design Hotel rooms, Reception, One-off furniture, Large wall painting.  

Every Hotel room att Lydmar Hotel was ​given its own design concept. One of the rooms was all white given, mirrors from floor to ceiling by the windows to reflect the daylight, to give the room an even brighter atmosphere. The mirrors were placed on both sides of the bead to make an everlasting reflection of the ones who were in the bead. One-off furniture was specially designed for every hotel room in collaboration with leading furniture and carpet manufacturers in Sweden. Whole carpets were designed in collaboration with Kasthall. Sofas, extra-large footstools, desks, wardrobes, table lamp shades, ceiling lampshades, etc. The restaurant  

"Matsalen" is well known for exhibiting world-leading artists. Artists from all around the world have created large temporary paintings or installations on the wall at "Matsalen".  During the Stockholm Film festival, A. VISIONARY STUDIO´s head of design Madeleine Elliott painted a large Acryl wall painting in the restaurant. David Lynch was a guest of honor during the Film festival week in Stockholm. He loved the wall painting so much so he was portrayed by photographers in front of the painting when doing his interviews. The New York Times, Melanie Rehak wrote in The New York Times, " Lydmar Hotel is recommended for lodging in Stockholm,  A city of Islands enjoys riding the waves".  

A. VISIONARY STUDIO in collaboration with Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, Netherlands. HAM Radio Astronomers Jan van Muijlwijk, Harry Keizer and the residency program of CAMRAS initiated by Daniela de Paulis.


led by Martine-Nicole Rojina MPATHY STUDIO in partnership with astrophotographer ROBERT REEVES. Technical support and additional accompaniment by Dean McCarthy and live recording by Manuel Diezel. MTFLabs led by Michela Magas and Andrew Dubber in partnership with The Royal Institute of Technology ( KTH ) Stockholm Sweden. Supported by XBOX, Microsoft Research, British Council, New Zealand Music Commission, The Royal Collage of Art, Ableton, MTV, BBC, Warner Music, Universal, MTG Music Technology Group, Spotify, Rolling Stone, ESA European Space Agency, Wired, Roland, SI. Swedish Institute, Rymdstyrelsen Swedish National Space Agency and many more. 

What would you say to the moon if you had the chance to send your voice into space ?

What would you expect of the experience? It takes 2 seconds to bounce a short sentence to the moon. I did not expect anything.

- I love you. Thank you for sharing your light. 


When my voice memo returned back to Earth the intensity in my words and message had expanded in a deeply emotional way. The energy my words bounced back from the moon made my tears fall down my cheeks, gave me a strong sensation of goosebumps. 


With knowledge within A.I. artificial intelligence, the quantum field, quantum physics, the strong experience made me think,


- What if it's possible to uplift the overall energy on Earth by bouncing positive words into the universe, the moon, the sun and more...  


Yours Sincerely, 


Madeleine Elliott


Founder Creative Director

A. Visionary Studio